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My Husband is stylishly Ashamed of me in Public maybe cos I am not Pretty enough but He won’t Say it – Sad Woman shares

Here is her Story:

I really want to be anonymous cos of the sensitivity of my story.

I met my husband in a bus where I was stranded and he paid my fare. Ever since then we talked and chatted for about 6 months before he proposed to me. I was living far away so we had a long distance relationship but we did video very often.

We have been married now for some months but I observe that my husband is stylishly ashamed of me in public. I am educated so I don’t speak wrong grammars, I dress well as well at least to the best of my knowledge and I ensure that I relate with people well but I think it’s because many of his friends married very pretty fair ladies who can even compete for Miss Nigeria but I am off that already.

I am not that ugly, wish I could show my face but I believe beauty should be in the heart not in the face. When we were dating he would always call me his Queen but now he calls me mummy at my young age.

It all started when we would want to go for a function were we should wear the same cloth, he would say no need na that we should not cause distraction that he likes to pipe low so he will wear another type of cloth.

He has a car but whenever we are to walk somewhere or maybe walk into the church he will prefer to either be in front or be at the back but he will so avoid walking beside me.

I am already feeling I should go and do face surgery before this man use hypertension and kill me in this new home.

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