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My Husband is a Pastor but he has refused to Involve me in the church, I am Just an Ordinary Member – Woman Shares

A concerned Nigerian Woman has this to share about her husband and his ministry as a pastor.

Here is her story:

My name is Christiana from the Eastern part of Nigeria. I got married to my husband about 13 years ago now. He was a very dedicated christian in the church then but he was not a pastor. I stood by him in all things and supported him whenever he needed me.

About 3 years ago he was promoted to become a Parish Pastor because he is an anointed man. I was happy and I so supported him but till today my husband has left me as an ordinary member in the church. There is this elderly woman who has been since that parish started, he decided to keep her as the women leader and left me in the congregation.

We have several other positions for women leadership, my husband preferred to put others there, the choral director, the head usher, the chief accountant etc.

Even when they go for Pastor’s conference and others go with their wife, my husband will say I am not a Pastor yet that I should wait till God makes me one. Its been 3 years already and I still don’t know what is my stand in that church.

It’s not like I love position or something but at least he should recognize me as his wife and put me where I should be in the church.

I am already contemplating leaving that church for him let him carry it on his head.

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