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My Dad was Poisoned to Death when I was young but I can recognize that person if I see him anywhere – Angry lady shares

See her story below:

My name is Joanna, I will try not to give details because I have vowed that anywhere I see him I will trace him to his house and make sure he pays for what he did to my family.

I was about 3 years old when I went to a bear parlor with my dad as I always did some time.

As usual when I get there I will go and play with some friends while my dad sits with his friends and drink for some hours then we go home.

That day as I was playing I was observing a man at the counter looking left and right and then poured something inside the drink. I didn’t understand it so I continued my play only for me to hear someone shout my name few minutes later, it was my dad pouring blood out of his mouth. I looked for that man but didn’t see him and I observed it was that same cup my dad drank from…. I may be little but I wasn’t that dumb.

I ran home quickly to call my mum and told my mum I saw a man pouring something in the drink. When they brought all the men working there I didn’t see that face there… obviously he must have left. Everybody thought am just a child. Though some boys came and burnt down the Bear parlor but my dad was already dead.

Ever since when I was 3 till now that am 27, I do hope daily as I go out that I will see that face again one day and I have promised myself and my dad corpse that I will locate that man whatever it takes.

No one knows what even happened between them or maybe he was jealous of something I can’t say but if I see that face I will recognize it. I wish I could draw well, I would have drawn the face and maybe given the police. This was how someone murdered my dad using poison in bear bottle.

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