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Marrying a Pretty Lady was my mistake, everyday I drag with other men trying to sleep with her – Man Shares

Nigerian man shares how his pretty wife is attracting all sorts of men trying to get through her and how he has to drag with them daily.

See his story:

I have been married for 3 years now and I have known no peace day by day because I married a pretty woman.

Sometimes I will be by her side and a guy passing by will be blinking eye to her and starring at her. Some other time they will walk up to her and ask is this your husband.

She doesn’t have a car but I do and I use mine to work but they won’t let her enter a bus or taxi to work, she always get a lift and she won’t decline.

Most times when this men come to drop her they will ask for her number and some will even want a hug or a peck. She said she always decline but how long will this continue.

One day I was behind her buying something, before I finished and walked to her I saw a guy trying to hold her on the waist, she was beating off his hand but he won’t stop o…. I just laughed and walked up to her and he apologized.

At another time, I heard a man telling her at the mall that she is pretty and he wants to take care of her, she said she is married and he said he is sure the man cannot afford her… It was then I walked up to her and pulled her away from there.

She receives call like anything from several men and atimes chat comes in at midnight to my wife asking her foolish questions.

I am happy I married a beautiful lady but I am sad right now because the whole thing is turning into something else and I think she is enjoying the attention. I just hope she is not even doing something behind my back.

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