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If I remained in Nollywood I would have Died by Now – Former Nollywood Actress Joy Edjeren Shares (JJ Bunny)

Formerly known as JJ Bunny. Joy Edjeren had featured in Cage, The Groom’s Bride, Governor’s Gift, The Game and several other movies before 2012.

See her Story:

Since I gave my life to Christ, I have not done any production.

I was on a movie set in Ghana when I suddenly felt I had to travel to the US to buy new outfits and jewelries for the movie production. After many days of deliberation with My production manager, I travelled and did My shopping.

By the time I returned to my hotel room in Houston, I had boxes everywhere. I had a whole lot of luggage that would be flying back with to Ghana.

I was so excited about My shopping that day, I couldn’t wait to return back to Ghana. However, something happened on the night before I was to return to Ghana.

That night I woke up around 2am and my life was leaving my body. I was struggling for my life. I started praying but my prayers were empty, it was like I was wasting my time. I quickly grabbed the phone and called my sister in Nigeria, whom I knew was born again.

My sister was the only family member I knew was born again, I was just a church goer. So, I called My sister to pray for me. She prayed for me and I felt better. It was then I heard a voice spoke to me saying ‘My four or five is enough, go to your sister’. I didn’t know what that meant. It took me a while to know that I had shot four or five movies in Ghana and that was what He meant by it’s enough.

I was so Confused at the experience and the voice I heard, I visited My doctor and after several tests, I was certified okay. Still confused, I related the experience to My uncle, who advised me to do the bidding of the voice, but my production crew in Ghana were already calling me and putting pressure on me.

But rather than go to my sister, I went to Ghana to continue shooting movies. But while there, I fell sick and was taken from one hospital to the other, I couldn’t even get on set. With medications all over My table in Ghana, I was forced to go to My sister in Nigeria because I wasn’t getting better.

I can’t explain everything that happened because it was a real transformation. Within 24 hours, I stopped taking any medication because everything that was happening to me started leaving one by one. What I was doing was reading the bible and praying.

I was totally transformed within the six months I spent with My sister in Nigeria.

I started reading my bible, going to the church with my sister and I had a lot of time to think about my life to apply what the lord was showing me and he really opened my eyes to show me the lifestyle I was living is going to take me straight to hellfire. The production and all these movies I was doing, they were not glorifying his name.

By the time I returned to Houston, I was a new person. I changed everything about myself. My phone number, My car, My wardrobe, My house and My outfit. So I started a new life and left Nollywood for good.

To warn people about the dangers of hellfire, I decided to open a Facebook account.

I had the latest fashion but that night if I had died, I would have gone straight to hellfire and who would have had all the things I bought. I have learnt not to take pride in things, they are just things. Your soul can be required at any time.

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