Seductive African woman

I love my Best Friend so much but his Wife keeps giving me Green light and she is quite Pretty – Confused man shares

Confused man shares experience with his Best friend’s wife.

See his story:

I really want to be anonymous because of the sensitivity of the Issue. I met this my friend more than 20 years ago in secondary school and we went to the same university and shockingly were in the same faculty.

We lived together while in school and after school he married this beautiful lady and I was his best man. He got a Job before me and so helped me talked to someone who helped me get the Job I am doing now.

I so love this my guy and to be frank I owe him a lot. He is a very cool guy.

Recently I observed that his wife has started behaving someone. I remember when my friend travelled to Abuja and I just went to say hello to his wife and their little daughter, she cooked something nice for me to eat and then sat next to me only for her to place her hand on my laps and was looking at me eye ball to eye ball. I quickly stood up and left his house.

At another time she came around my house and said she was driving by and thought it nice to branch. I accepted her in but I observed that she was just starring at me and maybe trying to get me to pee on my body I don’t even know. I wasn’t comfortable so I made up a story that I wanted going to church and need to leave before its late.

Most times she will wink at me, at some other time she will put on this seductive smile and then stare at me continuously. I am not comfortable with any of this and for no reason in this world will I do this to my own guy NEVER…. LAI LAI…. not even at gun point and I can’t tell him na, it can cause issues in his home. I just need a smart and nice advise.

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