Young man and Step mum

I feel Guilty but I can’t help it, My Step-Mum is a Sex freak and my Dad leaves me alone with her everyday – Confused Young man shares

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My Dad married this freak who has very high desires that seeks not to be satisfied.

My dad works far away from home and so he goes out on Monday and comes back weekend. So all through the week it will just be I and the woman.

This has been on for a long while now and it all started with a little move she took towards me, now we have sex severally everyday. A times we spend almost the whole day on my dad’s bed.

I feel guilty but to be sincere I think I enjoy it. But I fear my dad will hear and he will kill me. Its not good to drive my dad’s car, its bad.

I want to stop but don’t really know what to do as its always me and her in the house everyday.

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