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I cannot Impregnate a Woman, Its a Secret but my Wife already has 4 kids and I don’t know where to Start – Confused man share

A confused Nigerian Man (name withheld) has this story to share.

See his story:

I married my wife about 5 years ago knowing within me that I cannot father a child, I knew this since I was a teenager. I wanted to tell her but one mind kept telling me to hold on that after the marriage we can adopt lovely kids.

We got married and to be sincere I have known my wife to be a very sincere and morally upright woman so I don’t even know where to start.

In less than 10 months into our marriage she got pregnant and then told me, I was shocked inside me but I expressed happiness outside. I went to the doctor again to check myself and he said I still can’t impregnate a woman. I went back home crying but how will I tell her so I just comforted myself that well its just this one child and we will both be fine.

The baby grew but to my amazement she became pregnant again. I remember going into the toilet to weep and wonder what is happening to my wife. I went to the doctor again but to my amazement I was not still okay. I started trailing my wife and checking her phones but I think she is very smart she deletes stuffs from her phone before getting home.

She gave birth to the 3rd and then the 4th. All this while we do make love and then maybe she will go and make love again with her boy friend. The funny thing is none of this children look like me, 2 of them resembles her while the other resembles someone I don’t know.

We are currently having a very happy and Joyful home and I want it to continue but how long will I live with this guilt that my wife has 4 kids for another man and believes its for me because we do make love. The other problem now is how will it feel to tell her now that I couldn’t father a child after 5/6 years of marriage. Maybe I should just believe they are mine and move on…

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