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How my Fiancee Dumped me 3 Days to Our wedding Just because she found a more Handsome and Rich Guy – Depressed Man Shares

Nigerian man(not same in picture) shares his heart breaking and touching story.

Here is his story:

I want to remain anonymous. I am currently depressed, disappointed and sorrowful. I started this relationship for more than 5 years and then we decided to get married. I proposed to her and it was like heaven on earth.

My Fiancee has always been a lovely and God fearing lady but I don’t know what came over her that day.

For about a month to our wedding she started acting weird, she hardly picked my calls saying she was busy with the wedding plans which I doubt, atimes at night I will call her and she will bounce the call or text me that she will call me back. I was surprised.

By the time I asked her friends what is happening they said they will open up to me that they think a guy in their area who is so handsome (according to her) and has cool money is trying to drag my woman with me and that its possible she is sleeping with him.

I got really angry and went to her house that was like 4/5 days to the wedding. On getting there I saw her and she was kind of happy to see me, In anger I started shouting at her and asked her to explain the reason for her actions and tell me if she is cheating. I didn’t raise my hand at her, I can’t do that but to my surprise she started crying and walked away from me. I called her back but she won’t respond and so I left their house.

It was the next day I got a very long text from her telling me that she is no longer interested and can’t marry me. I wanted to collapse, the wedding date was fixed, money spent, dresses bought, food, drinks and so on.

I quickly drove to her house but was told she has not come home since last night, I called and called but she won’t pick. Very likely she has moved in with that guy. Even the parents were not able to reach her on phone as she won’t pick anybody’s call.

Its been months now and she is still not picking her phone but her friends has said she has moved out with that guy that its likely they have relocated abroad. Right now her number is no longer reachable.

Some women are heartless and callous. I wished I saw this coming. Right now I am trying to look for an emergency wife so all the plans and money spent wont be in vain.

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